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Squirmin' Herman: Football Hero
The Football News 1945 -- Central Press All-Americans
The Oil Bowl - New Photos!

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The Herman Wedemeyer
Home Page

Aloha and mahalo for visiting The Herman Wedemeyer Home Page. Hope you can stay and browse for a while to learn about the remarkable life and career of Herman Wedemeyer (1924-1999). Whether you're a fan of Squirmin' Herman the football legend or Hawaii Five-O's Duke Lukela,  or you just want to learn more about one of Hawaii's most exceptional citizens of the 20th Century, we've got something here for you.

What's New?

October 21, 2014

This site was a wonderful hobby of mine for many years, but one that unfortunately I do not currently have time to pursue. I am leaving this site up for archive purposes for all who love Herman Wedemeyer, St. Mary's football, and fun! Aloha, and Go Gaels!


Squirmin' Herman: Football Hero
Little St. Mary's Big Star This 1996 tribute from Sports Illustrated is the most comprehensive look at the exploits of the "Hawaiian Centipede" that we've found.
They Did It Every Time:
The Saga of the Saint
Mary's Gaels
This excerpt comes from a great book detailing the football greatness of the St. Mary's Gaels and their "dark-haired, dark-eyed glamour boy." Chock-full of revelations!
Honolulu Stadium:
Where Hawaii Played
This excerpt comes from a beautiful book documenting the glory of sport when Honolulu was still a small town. From the book, we present Herman Wedemeyer's memories of playing in Honolulu Stadium, complete with pictures from his high school playing days and as he looked in 1995.
St. Mary's Unveils
Permanent Exhibit
On November 13, 1999, St. Mary's dedicated a permanent exhibit honoring Herman Wedemeyer. Click here for a report on the dedication and pictures of the exhibit.
Wedemeyer Named to
Hawaii 100
In October 1999, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin named Herman Wedemeyer to its "100 Who Made A Difference," a series about the 100 most influential people in Hawaii in the 20th Century. Note that by clicking here you will leave the Herman Wedemeyer Home Page.
Movies! These are vintage Movietone clips of Herman in action from the 1940s. Don't expect the video quality that you'd find today. But at least we can get a glimpse of the greatness. These clips require the use of RealPlayer.
Not Squirmin' Any More "It was a life of being tightly wound." In this insightful 1978 interview, Herman Wedemeyer talks about the forces that drove him to success, how they almost brought him down with two heart attacks, and how his life and philosophy changed after that experience.
Still One of the
Good Guys
In a 1978 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Wedey looks back at his glorious college career, his stint as a professional athlete, and how he landed the part of Duke with no previous acting experience.
December 7 was a
Special Day for
Herman Wedemeyer
This Honolulu Star-Bulletin interview from 1996 reveals how Herman Wedemeyer was trapped on Kauai with the St. Louis High School football team during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The Football News 1945 Review Thanks Jerry Rose, for another great article, this time from a small magazine called The Football News 1945 Review. A roundup of Central Press All-Americans features Wedey as the standout among some spectacular company.
Outsquirmin' Herman An excerpt from Football's Finest Hour, the story of the East-West Shrine Game, tells out how Wedey saved the West team's bacon with three sensational plays.
Who is America's
Top Athlete?
In 1946, Grantland Rice was America's foremost sports writer. In this article for Sport magazine, he pays tribute to America's greatest athlete, "173 pounds of football stardust." Includes some interesting personal details.
The Wedemeyer Story The amazing, never before published story, of how a talent scout from St. Mary's bested Ohio State and recruited Herman Wedemeyer for the Galloping Gaels.
Here Comes the Hawaiian
From the December 1948 issue of Sport Life comes this article about Wedey's entry into professional football. Includes some great anecdotes, charmingly corny writing, and a not-so-charming look at how some writers dealt with Wedey's race.
The 1945 USC Game

Another smashing victory for Jimmy Phelan's beardless wonders. From the Brian O'Connor collection.

The 1945 UCLA Game

The crazy magic carpet ride that had been the 1945 season for Herman Wedemeyer and the St. Mary's Gaels came to a stunning halt in the old Los Angeles Coliseum on November 17. The Gaels went into the game heavy favorites, only to find themselves in the fight of their young lives against a vastly underrated UCLA team. More from the Brian O'Connor collection.

Off To the Sugar Bowl!

More great clippings from the Brian O'Connor collection give insight into the fun and excitement as little St. Mary's traveled cross-country to meet Oklahoma A&M in the Sugar Bowl.

Sugar Bowl: The First
50 Years
This excerpt from Marty Mule's book Sugar Bowl: The First Fifty Years takes a look at that New Year's Day in 1946 when the kids from St. Mary's faced mighty Oklahoma A&M in New Orleans.
California Whiz Kids In 1946, Collier's magazine profiled the St. Mary's team before the big Sugar Bowl showdown.
Illustrated Football From the 1946 Illustrated Football annual. Wedey and his St. Mary's cohorts are profiled as the team to watch in the West.
Hula-Hipped Herman From Sportfolio magazine, October 1946.
The 1946 Season Great clippings from the 1946 season. Find out why the opposing teams taunted "Wedey's got his helmet off!"
The 1947 Oil Bowl Updated

Although it generated a great deal of publicity at the time, the 1947 Oil Bowl has vanished from memory so completely that one frustrated Gaels football expert and collector has dubbed it "the bowl game that was never played." But no more! Thanks to Brian O'Connor, son of late St. Mary's quarterback Denis O'Connor, a veritable treasure trove of photos and stories about the Houston face-off between St. Mary's and Georgia Tech has once again resurfaced.

The 1947 Season A great collection of clippings tells the story of the high hopes and crushing lows of Wedey's last season at St. Mary's.
Sports Quiz Did you know? In 1947, Herman found himself the subject of this "Ripley's Believe it or Not" style trivia feature. Cute as heck!
The 1948 Wedemeyer All-Star Games In 1948, Herman Wedemeyer led a team of California college all-stars on a barnstorming tour to Honolulu, facing off against great teams from Hawaii's "senior league" in old Honolulu Stadium. Join us for this unique look at a long-forgotten chapter of football history. Great new finds from the O'Connor collection!
An Unbelievable Athlete You had to live through the 1945 college football season to believe it, and Dan McGuire celebrates it in this 1979 Honolulu Advertiser article about Wedey's induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Wedey's admirers in Hawaii presented him with proclamations from the city and state, gifts from numerous former football rivals, and a check for more than $3000 for expenses to fly to New York for the induction. He was the first native of Hawaii to be named to the Hall of Fame.
Wedey as a San Francisco 49er Two great photos show Wedey in training camp at Menlo Park, August 1950. Wedemeyer played for the 49ers during the exhibition season but was cut from the regular season team.
Herman Wedemeyer's
Baseball Career
In addition to his football prowess, Herman Wedemeyer was a star baseball player at St. Mary's. There are several conflicting stories about his professional baseball career. On this page, we'll try to sort it all out.
The Hawaii Sports Hall of
Fame and Cybermuseum
Visit a site honoring Hawaii's top athletes, including Herman Wedemeyer. This site has some different pictures from the ones you'll find on this page. Note that by clicking here, you'll leave the Herman Wedemeyer Home Page. Please come back and see us again soon!

Photo Galleries
Hawaii 5-O Photos Screen captures and photos from Wedey's role as Duke. Now with SIX pages of photos! New screen captures are now being added regularly.
Sports Photos:
Take a trip back to the 1940s with these fantastic photos of Herman from his days as St. Mary's "gift to greatness." Now includes NINE pages of photos, great quotes from vintage football programs, and even some nice shots of Herman being honored in later years for his athletic achievements.
1948 Herman Wedemeyer
Football Card
Have you got this card in your collection? Better put it in a safety deposit box! The guide price for this collectible card from Herman's St. Mary's football career is over $500!
Young Herman
This gallery includes an adorable baby picture of Herman, plus photos of his high school days as a star athlete at St. Louis College (High School) in Honolulu.
Herman Wedemeyer as a San Francisco Seal Thanks to Carl Aldana for his cool "fantasy" graphic showing Wedey in San Francisco Seals uniform! The Seals were an old Pacific Coast League team. You can learn more about them at Todd Hawley's Seals page.
St. Mary's Postcards For Galloping Gaels only (and the people who love them)! Postcards depicting the long and colorful history of the college.
Separated at Birth Six hundred years ago, Chinese Admiral Zheng He led a mighty fleet on seven ocean voyages that shaped an empire. An ancestor of Wedey's? You be the judge!

Political And Business Life
Wedey Speaks ! Herman Wedemeyer was the sales manager for the Ilikai Hotel during its early years. Click here to hear him talking about it on a 1963 recording made just for travel agents.

Candidate for Council

In 1968, Herman Wedemeyer ran for and won a seat on the Honolulu City Council. Here is a round-up of newspaper articles on the event.
Long Journey to
City Hall
This 1969 Honolulu Star-Bulletin article profiles the new councilman.
Carol Truly Enjoys Being
"Just a Housewife"
The Honolulu Advertiser interviewed Carol Wedemeyer in 1969 about her family, becoming a political wife, and how she and her husband met.
Switching Parties In 1970, Herman decided to switch parties from Republican to Democrat. Find out why and what other people thought about the move in this round-up of articles. Be prepared to read some harsh criticism of our hero.
Herman Wedemeyer,
Hawaii State Legislator
Photos from Herman's service as a legislator in Hawaii's state House of Representatives. He served two terms from the Waikiki-Moiliili district from 1971-75.
Herman the Golfer A love of golf permeated Herman's life from his youth onward. It was business, recreation, a job, a sport, a competitive outlet, a chance for relaxation and fun. Click here for a picture of Herman from a 1984 tournament.

Herman Wedemeyer Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Drive
The legacy of Herman Wedemeyer will continue at St. Mary's College with the creation of the Herman Wedemeyer Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund. If you would like to give something back to Herman, and help Gael student-athletes get their start in life, click here to learn more about the fund.

Associated Press Obituary Herman Wedemeyer died on January 25, 1999.
Honolulu Star-Bulletin Click here to read the obituary from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin; read sports columnist Bill Kwon's tribute; and view Corky Trinidad's editorial cartoon about Wedey's passing.
Honolulu Advertiser Click here to read the obituary from the Honolulu Advertiser. Note that by clicking here you will leave the Herman Wedemeyer Home Page.
Aloha, Wedey:
A Personal Tribute
Herman Wedemeyer was my special favorite from Hawaii Five-O. After having researched this site, I grew to love and respect him as a person. Here is my personal tribute to the life of Herman Wedemeyer.
Memories of Long Ago A moving tribute to Herman Wedemeyer that was written to Wedey's widow Carol, by an old friend and teammate, Carroll Canfield, St. Mary's class of 1950 and himself a member of the St. Mary's Hall of Fame as a baseball player.
Memories of Herman In 1999, Mrs. Carol Wedemeyer asked Wedey's friend and golfing buddy, Byron Feldman, to deliver the eulogy at his funeral. Mr. Feldman looked at the lighter side of Herman's life with this endearing speech. Thanks for Mr. Feldman for sharing his notes of his remarks of the day.
Squirmin' was a
Sight to Behold
Sports columnist Ferd Lewis writes just how much Squirmin' Herman meant to the people of Hawaii by recording the lengths fans went to to get tickets to Wedey's big homecoming game in 1947.
A Tribute to Wedey Randy Andrada is the author of "They Did It Everytime," the definitive history of Gaels football. Here he pays tribute to the one-time greatest athlete in the country, "Hula Hips" Herman Wedemeyer.
Aloha to the Hula-
Hipped Hawaiian
The men's magazine Barracuda gives a nice summary of the exploits of the Hawaiian Hurricane in this "Real Man Revisited" feature. Note that by clicking this link you will leave the Herman Wedemeyer Home Page. Also note that while the Wedey tribute is rated "G," some of the material on the Barracuda site may not be suitable for all audiences.

Charlie Wedemeyer
Charlie's Victory Charlie Wedemeyer is Herman's youngest brother. A well-known football player in his own right, he later became a successful coach. Charlie Wedemeyer has lived with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) for over 20 years. Charlie's Victory is his story.
Brothers: Herman and
Charlie Wedemeyer

A 1990 profile from the Honolulu Advertiser.

Charlie Wedemeyer
Family Outreach

This is the foundation established by Charlie and Lucy Wedemeyer to assist people with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and their families. Note that by clicking this link you will leave the Herman Wedemeyer Home Page.

Book 'Em, Duke: Five-O Miscellany
Five-O Fiction An interesting fan phenomenon on the Internet is "fan fiction." Here are some of our very own episodes of "Hawaii Five-O."
Quotations from
Sgt. Duke Lukela
Listen in with these sound files of quotes from our favorite Five-O cop. These are in "wav" format.
Hawaii Five-O Postage Stamps Our very own 37 cent stamps honoring Hawaii Five-O and Herman Wedemeyer. Be advised that this page contains two large files.
What's in a Name? Have you ever thought that Herman Wedemeyer was an improbable name for a Hawaiian gentleman? Or wondered what Duke Lukela means in Hawaiian? We researched some interesting stories behind the names of Five-O's Hawaiian hunks.
Talk Story with
Al Harrington
In a 1990 interview, Al "Ben Kokua" Harrington talks with Hawaii magazine about his growing up in Halawa Housing, his family, and getting into the entertainment business, with some philosophy thrown in for good measure.
Moe Keale A 1971 article from a recently re-released CD reveals that there's a lot more to the actor-musician than just "Truck" from Five-O.
Kwan Hi Lim Kwan Hi Lim was one of Five-O's great character actors. Click here to see a picture of the oily Mr. Lim when he was a mere teenager growing up on Maui.
Richard Denning Did you know that before the late Richard Denning won our hearts as The Governor on Hawaii Five-O, he had a long career as a movie "pretty boy"? Click here for pictures of a scantily clad Richard in 1942's "Beyond the Blue Horizon."

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Why Herman Wedemeyer? Introduction to the Herman Wedemeyer Home Page and the author.
Frequently Asked
Snappy answers to the basic questions about Herman Wedemeyer.
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